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Rigging manual vanguard sailboats 200 highpoint avenue portsmouth, ri 02871 for the dealer nearest you call 800. A sail areadisplacement ratio below 16 would be considered under powered. Prior to installation, the contractor should present a rigging plan, with drawing and detailed parts list, to a licensed structural engineer p. Lightning vs cl16 dinghy anarchy sailing anarchy forums. Always make sure that you areconnecting to the proper voltage, and that the line voltage you are connecting to is not higher than that stated on the decal or rear panel of the fixture.

Ive never sailed a cl 16 but have sailed a wayfarer, theyre fun boats and definitely plane. The only manufacturer of rigging products that is also a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of hoists, overhead cranes, and related products. Full harken running rigging is available as an option. Rigging an american 16 sailboat w gordon sell 28m20s youtube. The ten commandments of good safety habits august 21, 2019. The series cl16 allows roundtheclock chlorination without being concerned about running out of chlorine when the system is unattended. With clear, concise rigging process explanations, along with detailed diagrams and charts, this handbook or manual is the only crane and rigging reference youll ever need. Specalog for 315c315c l hydraulic excavator, aehq5543. If you have any questions or do not understand the meaning. Hoisting equipment should be operated only by trained personnel.

View and download hunter marine hunter jy15 owners manual online. Manufacturer and distributor of small sailboats and daysailors. Respirator fit check personal protective equipment july 23, 2019. Bahia bahia rigging manual 1 glossary 2 sail numbers 3 rigging and raising the mast 4 boom and gnav 5 sails 6 lower shroud tensioning 7 gennaker 8 mainsail 9 outhaul 10 cunningham 11 single line ree. The hillis group, llc is dedicated to the protection of our employees from. It is intended for use in training and as a reference manual for field operations. Loudspeaker rigging should be performed only by certified rigging professionals using certified rigging hardware chosen for the specific application. Due to production supplies certain parts may be slightly modified from those shown. Pico pico race pico rigging manual 1 glossary 2 unpack your pico 3 pico race pack 4 checking the hull 5 rigging the mast and sail 6 raising the mast 7 rigging the boom 8 rigging the vang 9 sails 10 fitting race hiking straps and mainsheet block and stand up boot 11 fitting the rudder assembly 12 fitting the daggerboard ree. Be certain that the rigging area and the area that you will be sailing in are free of overhead. The bpa rigging training manual is updated periodically and bears its date put from a range of stakeholders with interest in loadlifting rigging in construction, what has been produced is an approved code of practice of high. Rigging safety guide forward experienced mechanical construction and service workers are experts in pipefitting, plumbing, or mechanical service work, but not necessarily in rigging.

Ipts crane and rigging training manual is the first choice for many trade colleges and apprenticeship programs. Attach the single block with the shackle the first part to. The terms caution, warning, and danger may be used in this manual to alert the reader to important safety considerations. July, 1977 edition this manual is always to be carried on. Download the original 1966 oday corporation rigging instructions ds1manoday.

How to survive alone in the wilderness for 1 week eastern woodlands duration. March 2012 important safety information the procedures in this manual are for use by qualified personnel only. Rigging safety manual osha safety manual health and. Rigging installation manual design, manufacture and installation of theatrical equipment worldwide 315 45440 fax 315 4511766. Purpose of this manual this manual is intended as a working guide for training workers and supervisors in the fundamentals of safe rigging and hoisting. Fully rigged, the 3part cascade looks like the picture below. Controls, startup, operation, service and troubleshooting.

The officer responded to the question by saying that it was an emergency. The material outlined in this manual outlines the requirements of the doe hoisting and rigging program. The boat is well balanced using just a bungee cord to hold the tiller steady. The cl 16 is a canadiandesigned 16 sloop sailboat, designed by henry croce and ken lofthouse in 196768 in mahone bay, ns. Rigging the vang the blue vang has been prerigged and attached to the mast but it can still be tricky to rig.

A lot of people who are interested seem to get bogged down in definitions of planing. Rigging 24 rigging it is important that workers involved with hoisting and rigging activities are trained in both safety and operating procedures. Please also see owners manual for technical summary and capsize recovery. It covers the types of rigging and the application of fiber rope, wire rope, and chains used in. Dec 18, 2014 figuring out how to rig our boat, september 18 2014 it might be helpful to others. Double check there is no rigging running between the upper ends of the shrouds and the spreaders. All rigging fittings must be fully tightened and secured. Unpacking and preparation unpack the major parts listed below and lay them out on a soft piece of ground free of sharp objects. Rigging components electrical components engine accessories propellers maintenance items oils lubes detailing trailer supplies. Bahia rigging manual 1 glossary 2 sail numbers 3 rigging and raising the mast 4 boom and gnav 5 sails 6 lower shroud tensioning 7 gennaker 8 mainsail 9 outhaul 10 cunningham 11 single line ree. The cause of rigging accidents can often be traced to a lack of knowledge on the part of a rigger. Please keep this user manual for future consultation. Originally designed in 1957 by ian proctor, the wayfarer is a large, nearly 16 foot long dinghy, suitable for learning, racing or cruising. Follow the relevant rigging instructions in our booklet hints and advice for tuning the rig.

Hunter marine hunter jy15 owners manual pdf download. The harness has one 6 pin connection on each end and is. The information covers not only ropes and knots but hoisting equipment from cranes to chainfalls and rigging hardware from rope clips to spreader beams. Training programs dedicated specifically to rigging products or broadbased to cover all aspects of lifting and positioning. Cl16 sailing dinghy offshore from mississauga on lake ontario. The content of the pnnl hoisting and rigging manual was derived from the hanford site hoisting and rigging manual doerl9236.

Help your customers rediscover relaxing weekends by andy adams everyone agrees that we want more people to get involved in boating, but to attract them, i think its important that we help our customers rediscover how to relax and enjoy their weekends. If you sell the unit to another user, be sure that they also receive this instruction booklet. Our single binnacles are available in premium bottommount or sidemount designs, and as second station controls, accommodating a variety of boat styles and rigging spaces. For extra security, tape around the spreaders to keep the cotter rings from working loose. This instruction manual is not a guide to sailing your craft and it should not be considered suitable for the task of learning to sail a boat. Controls, startup, operation, service and troubleshooting contents page. Permission was given to the hanford site hoisting and rigging committee to use and reproduce portions of standards and information from the following sources. We have 24 mori seiki manuals for free pdf download. Heres your chance to learn from the person who wrote the book. This instruction manual has been compiled to give you information on the inmast reefing system. I series balancepoint flyware for compact loudspeakers iub1062 iub1062wr iub1082 iub1082wr iub2082 iub2082wr ubrackets for ic1062, ic61082, ic62082.

Installation instructions 40maq high wall ductless split system sizes 09 to 36 note. The boom should still be held up by the main halyard, or sail. It requires persons who perform rigging or operate hoisting equipment to be trained to ensure that the personnel are competent to perform the operation. It covers the types of rigging and the application of fiber rope, wire rope, and chains used in various combinations to raise or move heavy loads. They feature effortless throttle and shift functions, sleek, chrome handles and a builtin redundancy system. The acromet series cl16 automatic switchover gas chlorinator is a state of the art, totally vacuumoperated system designed to automatically switch chlorine feed from an empty cylinder to a full cylinder. Centre of gravity at the last weighing page 31 2 operations manual 2. The symbols shown in table 1 identify the location of special types of messages encountered by the reader. Help your customers rediscover relaxing weekends by andy adams everyone agrees that we want more people to get involved in boating, but to attract them, i think its important that we help our customers rediscover how to. View and download beneteau boat user manual online. The big, dependable cl16 slooprigged dinghy is designed for safe, comfortable daysailing and. If you follow these rigging instructions, stagebystage you will find.

Mori seiki manuals instruction manual and user guide for mori seiki. However, many of these workers perform rigging as a part of their regular work routine. Download the original 1966 oday corporation rigging instructions ds1man oday. We recommend maxium 8 mm 516 diameter luffropelufftape maximum 7 mm 932 hard line. Read the entire instruction manual before starting the installation. Proper use of rigging equipment basic hitches and con. Manual for furling mast type rb mk iirc mk ii selden. Installation and maintenance 3 5hfhlylqj the tseries climate changer can ship as individual sections, section subassemblies, or a complete air. The big, dependable cl16 slooprigged dinghy is designed for safe, comfortable daysailing and cruising with up to six aboard, and is easily sailed by. Operating weight 16 750 kg 36,930 lb long undercarriage long undercarriage, 3100 mm 102 stick and 600 mm 24 shoes engine engine model cat 3046 t flywheel power 82 kw 110 hp gross power 86 kw 115 hp 315c315c l hydraulic excavator. This manual is a guide and basic reference for personnel whose duties require the use of rigging. Find all downloads containing information on dmg mori turning centers and milling machines, service and software products at all downloads and pdf documents by dmg mori home. Cl 1 to cl 10 safety considerations installing, starting up, and servicing this equipment can be. Warning electrical shock can cause personal injury and death.

Tie a figureofeight knot about bin 15cm from the end of this line and an overhand knot right at the end. Sailboat and sailing yacht searchable database with more than 8,000 sailboats from around the world including sailboat photos and drawings. Module 4 lifting and rigging sm 4 1 introduction a fire officer on a pumper was once asked why he ordered the pumper engineer to drive the 30,000 pound fire apparatus on a road that had a bridge with a 10,000 load limit. Yamaha command link plus rigging manual yamaha is proud to announce the new command link plus rigging system and components as well compatible only with yamahas new command link plus rigging system, it features a 5 yamaha outboard f350 suare guages manual. We have been making our line of sailboats since 1968. Warnings and caution statement the following warnings and caution statements are used to indicate. Tvgs lesson night tech valley game space tech valley.

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