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Yates wireless information network laboratory winlab rutgers the state university of new jersey, 73 brett road, piscataway nj 08854. To test such amplifiers, signal generators are required that can generate wcdma signals with low noise and intermodulation over a very wide. The wcdma base station test set quick and easy wcdma. Wcdma uses direct spread ds as forward link rf channel structure, while cdma uses ds or multicarrier. Wcdma generator for tests on 3gpp base station receivers. Receiver measurements, berbler software for wcdma measurement with evaluation. Impact on quality of service qos of thirdgeneration. Vector signal generators offer custom and standard modulation, as well as the ability to generate communications standards formats such as gps, wcdma, dvbh, and more. The technology of codedivision multiple access channels has long been known. Gsmwcdma auto connect automatically switches between 2g3g modes. The reason i want to use usrp is that i need another source of signal. Within the wcdma signal format of umts a number of different forms of actual modulation can be used 3g umts includes. Loss of signal, no wcdmalte, only weak 2g gsm signal. Realize 5g signal confidence in your design validation test solution, with available upgrades of frequency and bandwidth to 44 ghz and 1 ghz, respectively.

Difference between cdma and wcdma compare the difference. In this paper author analysis the wcdma system without high power amplifier and with high power amplifier and the calculation of awgn channel 15 db snr, received signal via high efficiency power amplifier is plotted, am pm response of resultant signal is. What is wideband code division multiple access wcdma. Besides the capability of analysing the downlink signal and generating a 12.

Alldigital rf signal generation for software defined. The status of the various digital bus parameters and the controls themselves are made available by selecting digital bus info from the call control screen baseband fading summary the current values in use for baseband signal level adjustments. What is gsmwcdma and should i leave my settings like this. Gsm edge wcdma umts mobile phone wireless testing yenra. Loss of signal, no wcdmalte, only weak 2g gsm signal what is wrong. In the soviet union ussr, the first work devoted to this subject was published in 1935 by dmitry ageev. Ts895xgw gsmgprsedgewcdma rf test system family for development, precompliance and conformance testing of mobile phones. Wcdma is a 3g technology while gsm is a 2g technology 2. Below is a list of signal studio software products and supported instruments. Lte or wcdma signal generator with usrp by sam20ni on. The gtt gsmwcdma rbs toolkit by gefle testteknik ab features labview vis to use as a complete set of measurements to verify performance and test all sizes of radio base stations. Signal generation custom, standardbased and presets for common test signals. The wcdma base station test set quick and easy wcdma base. Wcdma wide band code division multiple access umts before we talk about 4g or gsm.

The difference between these two is that gsm is a 2g technology and wcdma is a part of the newer 3g group of technologies. It is a third generation network developed by ntt docomo and from 2g network cdma. Wideband code division multiple access wcdma is a thirdgeneration 3g standard that employs the directsequence code division multiple access dscdma channel access method and the frequencydivision duplexing fdd method to provide highspeed and highcapacity service. The b and c connections will work in a similar way. Mathworks is the leading developer of mathematical computing. The new programmable updown unit allows power ramping on. The software addresses the market need for test solutions that can accurately verify 5g nr chipsets, modules, and systems, as well as legacy 4g lte products. Iq modulation generator amiqsignal generator smiq with. Consistent with the wcdma standard, this stimulus should be at center frequency of 1.

Mbps local area access or 384 kbps wide area access. Wcdma operates in a 5 mhz spectrum at a chip rate of 3. Timing delays between the individual carriers are implemented via suitable generator triggering. Support of data rates up to 2 mbits signal generation in realtime with a test data length up to prbs16 for continuous receiver measurements nearrealtime response to changing. Scrambling code generation for wcdma on the starcore sc140sc1400 cores, rev. Being newer and more advanced, wcdma is now the technology that people want and it is. Power amplifiers for wcdma 3gpp base stations should have the best possible spectral purity and smallest intermodulation distortion, in order to prevent disturbance of the neighbouring channels. Lte or wcdma signal generator with usrp ni community. Rf wcdma benchmark comparisons whitepaper national. Miscellaneous android development android 10 revengeos 3.

What is gsmwcdma and should i leave my settings like this or go gsm only. Comprehensive pcbased signal creation software for cellular, wireless connectivity. Pxibased general purpose wireless test systems as part of the unveiling of its strategy to provide customers with flexible and costeffective test systems, aeroflex today launched the aeroflex 3000 series, a pxibased modular test suite for mobile phone and generalpurpose wireless test. Multicell wcdma signal processing simulation vikram kaul wenfeng zhang roy d. Alldigital rf signal generation for software defined radio. Ts895xgw gsmgprs edgewcdma rf test system family for development, precompliance and conformance testing of mobile phones. With the new software, the vector signal generator mg3710a and signal analyzer ms2690ams2691ams2692a series can support output of 5g nr signals. The waveform generator function umtsdownlinkwaveformgenerator requires a single hierarchical. Cdma signal generation process the telecom generations. The received signal at the wcdma ue rx antenna subsystem is the sum of attenuated and delayed versions of the transmitted signals due to the socalled multipath propagation introduced by the channel.

Meet your test requirements with the widest selection of signal generators with the best performance in every class, whether you need a traceable, metrologygrade solution or costeffective basic signal generation. Difference between wcdma and gsm difference between. Download help windows only ni provides the following addon software toolkits, which extend the capability of the rf vector signal generator. Accelerate throughput with new levels of speed in your modular test system with bandwidths up to 160 mhz. Universal mobile telephone system is a thirdgeneration 3g mobile wireless technology this standard has been. After channelization, the real valued spread signals are weighted by gain factor s. Resulting quality directly depends of the processing which user applies.

The included soft front panels enable easy lab measurements and the highlevel apis makes. Wideband code division multiple access, along with umtsfdd, utrafdd, or imt2000 cdma direct spread is an air interface standard found in 3g mobile telecommunications networks. Vector signal generator supporting frequencies of 100 khz to 2. Realtime versions are not compatible with the n5182a mxg signal generator. Baseband studio software also controls the test sets call parameters and digital bus signal path switching modes. It supports conventional cellular voice, text and mms services, but can also carry data at high speeds, allowing mobile operators to deliver higher bandwidth. Anritsu introduces 5g nr signal generation software for. The smiqb vector signal generator and the amiq iq modulation generator with the winiqsim software are outstanding signal sources for 3 rd generation communication systems. When signal strength is low, 3g is favored more gsm only 2g only mode. Generating 3gpp multi carrier signals for amplifier tests.

Click the hyperlinked product number in the leftmost column for product specific information. Ni pxi vector signal generators generate arbitrary modulated signals from. Cdma signal generation process a cdma signal is generated by spreading the code symbols by a wideband code sequence that is produced at a rate of 1. This is one of the radio access technologies in the umts network which is widely known as 3g. Measuring the evm on a wcdma signal after passing it thorough the software seems to give invalid results. It was shown that through the use of linear methods, there are three types of signal separation. Wcdma stands for wide band code division multiple access. Citeseerx document details isaac councill, lee giles, pradeep teregowda.

This mode is for carriers who have limited wcdma coverage. Wcdma vs gsm wcdma wideband code division multiplexing access and gsm are two technologies that are used in mobile telecommunications. What happens to the quality of the signal after combining. An2254, scrambling code generation for wcdma on the. It can generate arbitrary wave signal, continuous wave. Ni iq sim multicarrier generation tool ni community. Citeseerx contents wcdma signal generator solutions. Standardized test software must be developed this means long periods of training and. Wcdma is a 3g utran proposed solution, while cdma is an access technology.

Signal generators signal sources push your device within and beyond its limits with unmatched purity and precision. Find the right analog signal generator national instruments. Modern digital signal generators with internal arbitrary waveform generators can be used to create the multicarrier test signals needed to evaluate 3g basestation power amplifiers. Uplink and downlink wcdma modulation signals conforming to the. When the average voltage in a code time is positive then the bit is. What is umts network architecture radio access radio interface frequency bands umts cdma modulation data channels umts tdd tdsdcdma handover. Up to two rf output connectors can be installed each with two builtin waveform memories to output two combined modulation signals from each rf connector for a maximum of four modulation signal outputs.

Vector signal generator products with high performances and newly proposed by transcommwireless. Iq modulation generator amiqsignal generator smiq with winiqsim well equipped for 3g tdd standards the successful team of amiq and smiq with iq simulation software winiqsim fig 1 and 1, 2, 3 for generating test signals to digital standards has again been extended and become more versatile. Gsmwcdma auto, or gsm only setting on android phone. I want to generate lte or wcdma signal type using this usrp at around 2ghz band. The mg3710a vector signal generator is a bestofclass, highfunction, signal generator with excellent rf and baseband performance. On the other hand, a mobile using code 1010 will despread only noise because no data spread with 1010 is transmitted. If youre shopping for a mobile phone, youre in for a lot of acronyms. These rrh designs include advanced signal processing technologies such as crest factor reduction and digital pre. The wcdma options fig 2 provide all key functions for production tests. You must know wcdma which stands for wide band code division multiple access. Configure an rf output power of 10 dbm, and cable the generator directly to the vector signal analyzer. They support quadrature digital upconversion, which reduces waveform download and signal generation time. This spreading of the information signal provides a substantial gain that is referred to as processing gain. The gtt wcdma rbs toolkit supports both generation and analysis of wcdma signals.

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